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Louisville Product Liability Attorneys

Every year thousands of people are injured or killed from defective products ranging from household appliances and power tools to automotive defects and defective heavy machinery. Product manufacturers are wholly responsible for delivering safe products and can be held strictly liable for injuries caused by product failures. When a product maker releases a product that was defectively designed, defectively manufactured, or failed to include adequate warnings or instructions for its safe and proper use, the product liability attorneys at Mushlin & Vantrease in Louisville, Kentucky stand up for injury victims and their families and hold the manufacturers accountable for their misconduct.

Kentucky Product Liability Law

Product liability law comes into play when a product causes you injury because it was defective in some way. Under product liability law, the manufacture, wholesaler, or retailer of a product can be held responsible if a dangerously defective product causes injury or harm, even if you did not personally purchase the product. Also, other companies involved in the product’s manufacture can be held responsible for your injuries, such as component-parts manufacturers, assemblers, the retail store that sold the product, or others involved in the manufacture and/or distribution chain.

A product may be either defectively designed or defectively manufactured. An example of a design defect, for instance, could include a power tool or household appliance such as an iron or food processor that was not designed with an automatic shut-off to prevent accidents or injuries if the product is left unattended or if the user momentarily loses his or her grip. Many automobile accidents  involve injuries caused by automotive design defects, such as fuel-fed fires and explosions when electrical systems are designed too near the fuel lines, or vehicle rollovers and roof crushes from poor safety designs.

When a product is defectively designed, all the units which are made suffer from the same defect and have the potential to cause an injury. In the case of a manufacturing defect, on the other hand, anywhere from one unit to thousands may be affected, depending upon where the error in the manufacturing process lies. A third type of product defect exists when product safety warnings are not clearly and conspicuously displayed on the product so the consumer knows how to safely use the product.

The product liability attorneys at Mushlin & Vantrease, PLLC have the experience to investigate whether your injury was caused by a manufacturing defect, design defect, or a so-called “failure to warn” defect. There are many pitfalls to watch out for in bringing a products liability claim, so if you have suffered injury from a defective product, consult Louisville product liability attorneys trained in this area. At Mushlin & Vantrease, PLLC, we have extensive experience handling product liability cases.

Get Help from Experienced Kentucky Product Liability Lawyers

Personal injury attorney David Mushlin has represented some of the largest corporations in the world and understands the strategies and tactics from the defense side. If you have been injured by a dangerous or defective product, call the Louisville, Kentucky products liability attorneys of Mushlin & Vantrease, PLLC today for your free consultation.

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