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Louisville Civil Rights Attorneys

When you are harassed or your rights are violated by the police or prosecutors, you may wonder if there is anywhere you can turn for help. There is. Despite the occasional failings of certain individuals to live up to the duties of their offices, our judicial system remains strong. The civil rights attorneys at Mushlin & Vantrease in Louisville have worked on all sides of all types of cases in the civil court and criminal justice systems in Kentucky, with experience in the federal courts as well. Our lawyers know the proper steps to take to stop civil rights violations, to prevent them recurring, and to obtain compensation for the victims of civil rights abuses.

Police Misconduct and Civil Rights Violations

Police are trained to know the law, and many are experts on the subject of when searches and arrests can be conducted. They are also trained to deal with violent situations and are often in a state of hyper alertness and increased adrenaline when making a traffic stop or approaching a person on the street. Some are able to keep their emotions under control, while others, when confronted with a tense situation, react violently and exceed the lawful bounds of force which may be allowed. Other times, in their zeal to make an arrest, they may go beyond what the law allows in searches, seizures and arrests.

The U.S. and Kentucky Constitutions protect the rights of the individual to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, to be free from arrests not based on probable cause, and most importantly, to have the rights to remain silent and be represented by an attorney at all critical stages of an arrest or prosecution. We help people who have been subjected to any of the following civil rights abuses, among others:

  • False Arrest
  • Warrantless Arrest
  • No Probable Cause
  • Racial Profiling
  • Unlawful Search and Seizure
  • Unlawful Stop and Frisk
  • Failure to give Miranda Warnings
  • Coerced Confessions
  • Police Brutality
  • Excessive Force
  • Police Harassment
  • Unlawful Shootings
  • Unlawful use of K-9 Attack Dogs

Violations of Civil Rights through Prosecutorial Misconduct

Even more so than the police, the state and county attorneys and prosecutors wield a tremendous amount of power in the criminal justice system. They decide who is prosecuted for crimes and what charges to file. With this power, they can bring enormous pressure down on an accused to obtain a confession or guilty plea to a particular offense, even if the evidence would not support a conviction at trial. When prosecutions are initiated without probable cause in bad faith or for some improper motive, and the proceedings are later terminated in favor of the accused, we may be able to bring a complaint of Malicious Prosecution to make sure our client is fully exonerated and compensated for any legal damages suffered.

Kentucky Civil Rights Attorneys on Your Side

A civil rights violation such as police brutality or an unlawful arrest may not be an isolated incident. Once investigated, a pattern of misconduct often emerges that will continue until somebody stops it. Civil litigation is often the most effective way to bring abuse to light and force changes in departmental policies, training and supervision so that others do not suffer the same abuse.

It’s not easy to go up against the government, especially the police force and prosecutors who wield so much power in our system. It takes courage, but with the support of aggressive and experienced litigators on your side, it is just possible to find justice and make the system better. If you have been a victim of a civil rights violation in Kentucky, call Mushlin & Vantrease in Louisville for a free consultation about how we may be able to help.

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