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Kentucky Aviation Accident Attorneys

While only major commercial airline disasters tend to make the news, every airplane accident is serious, and hundreds of people are killed every year and thousands more are injured in airplane crashes and other aviation accidents caused by pilot error, failures by the ground crew in fueling or maintenance, aircraft controller error, defective aircraft, and other types of negligence. The aviation accident attorneys at Mushlin & Vantrease, PLLC include an FAA-certified private pilot who appreciates the complexities of aviation accidents and understands what it takes to hold the responsible parties liable for their negligence.

Skilled and Knowledgeable in Complex Airplane Accident Cases

After an airplane accident, there are always more questions than answers. But the families involved and the flying public deserve to know what happened. There is always an answer to the question of what caused an airplane accident, but it takes the dedication and hard work of an experienced aviation accident attorney to get to the bottom of any airplane accident. The government agencies may take a year more to complete their investigation of the accident, but a private attorney who is not bogged down with bureaucratic red tape can move more swiftly, seeking answers and justice for victims and their families in a timely manner.

The Federal Government, through the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) FSDOs (Flight Standards District Offices) and the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board), has created a tremendous number of rules and regulations governing the maintenance and operation of aircraft in the United States. These are contained in the FAR/AIM (Federal Aviation Regulations/Aeronautical Information Manual). You need an experienced attorney who has studied the FAR/AIM to help you achieve the outcome your case deserves – that’s why you should call the Louisville, Kentucky aviation attorneys of Mushlin & Vantrease, PLLC.

Accidents involving private planes raise many complicated questions, such as whether the flight was subject to FAA regulations as a commercial flight and the applicability of liability insurance to the accident. The airplane accident attorneys of Mushlin & Vantrease, PLLC will do what it takes to get the answers you deserve. As experienced product liability  attorneys, we understand what it takes to evaluate an aviation accident for defective aircraft components in light of special laws such as statutes of repose under GARA (the General Aviation Revitalization Act). At Mushlin & Vantrease, PLLC, we represent the families of those who lost loved ones, or those who were injured in commercial airline accidents, private plane accidents (single or multi-engine), helicopter accidents, or private jet accidents.

As an FAA-certificated private pilot, aviation accident attorney David Mushlin brings real-world experience that enables him to clearly communicate the mechanics of an airplane accident to you, the insurance company, or a jury. If you were injured in an airplane crash or lost a beloved family member to an aviation accident in Kentucky or elsewhere, call Mushlin & Vantrease, PLLC at (502) 584.8555 for a free consultation.

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